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at Resurrection

We take a fully-integrated approach to care, offering spiritual support and guidance as well as practical resources. If you are experiencing a significant life event or need assistance, we are here to help.

Life Changes

If you are hurting, struggling to make ends meet, or experiencing a major life event like a birth, adoption, hospitalization, life-altering illness, or bereavement, members of our team are available to walk with you. You can contact us with the form below or at 253.948.9408. 

If you have a medical or life-threatening emergency, call 911.

If you are contemplating suicide, please call 988.

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Receive Care

Reaching out with a need can be hard, but we are here to help you.


You are not alone in your situation. Our Prayer Team will pray for requests that come through the form below. When you share your requests with us, we stand alongside you in prayer with confidentiality.

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Everyone has seasons where they need extra support. Our pastoral team is here to come beside you and help. There are several faith-based counselors and treatment centers that we can recommend to you as well. Contact us for a referral or appointment with someone from our team.

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One of the most stressful areas of life can be financial matters. We want to help you experience the joy and adventure of God-directed finances. If you need help with this, reach out to our team to get connected with someone that will help you with getting a budget put together.

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Marriage is beautiful; designed by God to display who He is to the world. But, marriage doesn’t always feel beautiful. We’re here to help you navigate through those hard times. We have mentor couples and can also provide marriage counseling referrals. Email us or fill out the form to set up a care time.

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Marriage is a beautiful expression of God’s love to the world. From premarital counseling to using the building for your ceremony, our Marriage Ministry Team is here to help.

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Losing a loved one is a traumatic event. God is with you, and you are not alone. Pastors are available to meet with you, and if needed, help officiate the service. Please fill out the form to arrange a meeting with one of our pastors and to discuss service details.

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