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God wants you to live in community. While our corporate gatherings are special and a purposeful time of experiencing God, Life Groups help you implement the truths of God in your personal life through ongoing personal relationships.

What to Expect

Life Groups come together on a weekly basis to encourage and challenge each other. The vision that God has given to us here at Resurrection is to unleash a movement of Passionate Jesus followers and Life Groups are one of the key ways we do that. In Life Groups you get to live out our values of experiencing God, loving others, building legacy, and impacting your community. They are also the very best way to get connected and grow with us.


Each week we will be sharing what is happening in our lives. As we get to know one another, this will become more informal, natural, and comfortable.


Each week we’ll study and discuss the Bible together. Our goal is to learn how to live out our faith in everyday life as we become passionate Christ followers.


Each week we will learn how to love and support each other through prayer, encouragement, listening, challenging one another, and meeting real needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I go for the first meeting?

Your Life Group leader or host will contact you before your Life Group starts to give you directions and help answer any questions you have. You will also receive an email from our system once you sign up with all your life group details.

How do I sign up for a Life Group?

You can sign up during Life Group sign-ups as you exit Sunday service, or you can also sign up online during our regular sign-ups.

How do I choose a group?

We recommend choosing a group based on its leader and their station in life—rather than by location or meeting time. Groups usually do best when members share common interests and challenges. In the end, you’ll find it’s worth the drive! If you need help finding the right group (especially if you are new to Resurrection Church), please don’t hesitate to call us. And just as a heads up, sometimes it takes trying two or three groups before you find the perfect fit—but don’t worry, you’ll find it!

What about childcare?

Most Life Groups are for adults only, though a few groups offer childcare at their meetings. We are working on launching more! This means, for most Life Groups, each family needs to arrange for their own childcare. Sometimes families share a sitter with another family or even swap childcare with another family whose Life Group meets on a different evening. We realize this is a big commitment, but the best spiritual gift you can give your kids is growing parents—and it’s so crucial for you to model this growth in your life. We believe that your spiritual growth in a Life Group is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s spiritual future.

What does it cost?

Few things in life are free, and Life Groups are no exception! The cost of Life Groups is the cost of commitment! At your first meeting, your group will complete a commitment together. This simple form will help you discuss your goals and clarify your commitment. Part of that commitment is the promise to attend each week and complete the study. When you join a Life Group, you promise to attend and come prepared each week. It’s this commitment that makes Life Groups work. We realize it’s a big commitment, but it only lasts ten weeks.

What will we study?

Most groups will do the “message-based study”, called the Life Group Study, designed to apply what you learned from the sermon on the weekend. We’ll share what we learn from our Life Group Study each week. Our goal is to learn how to live out our faith in everyday life as we grow in becoming passionate Christ-followers. The study is designed to take 20–40 minutes and takes you to other passages in the Bible that address the same topic and ask practical questions to help you apply the message.

What is the required commitment?

Joining a Life Group requires a 10-week commitment to attend each week and do the study ahead of time. Coming prepared each week with completed Life Group study questions or reading assignments is essential. That will allow you to effectively learn and grow together as we live out our faith in everyday life and become passionate Christ-followers. Allowances are made for sickness, vacation, work conflicts, and other special events – however, a strong commitment is the key to strong groups.

How long do they last?

Each Life Group session lasts ten weeks. At the end of each session, you’ll have the choice of staying in the same group, trying a new group, or taking a break. Most groups stay together throughout the entire year.

When and where do we meet?

Life Groups meet on various days and nights each week throughout the region. There are three 10-week sessions each year in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. (Life Groups do not meet during the summer or during the winter holiday from Thanksgiving through New Year.)

How important our Life Groups?

Life Groups are the core of our ministry here at Resurrection Church. They’re where life happens as we study God’s Word, grow together, and share our lives. They are the primary way we connect, build relationships, and care for one another.

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups meet for ten weeks and generally consist of 10-16 people. They meet weekly to study God’s Word and build relationships. The groups are offered three times a year – fall, winter, and spring, taking a break for winter holidays and summer months and are one of the main ways to experience Resurrection Life here at Resurrection Church.

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