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It’s really easy to start a meetup. Just follow the steps below.

Host a meetup

Here’s How to Start

Hosting a Meetup is as easy as following these four steps.

1. Make a Plan

The most successful meet-ups will be ideas that you’re excited about. They are clear, comfortable, and, most of all, fun. After you’ve submitted your meet-up plans, you’ll work with the Meet-ups Team to confirm the details for your launch day and complete a quick background check. Use the Meet-up Planning Kit to help guide you through the rest of the process.

2. Invite People

Now you’ll invite your Resurrection friends to jump in with you. If you’re part of a Life Group, consider asking them to host the meet-up with you and invite their friends. Your meet-up will also be publicly communicated on the Meet-ups webpage and signup page on the Church Center App.

3. Pre-Event

You’ll remind your RSVPs of the event details a couple of days before the meet-up, collect any necessary information, and remind them what to bring.

4. Follow-Up

You can use the email follow-up template in your Planning Kit to thank people for attending, collect photos and videos, and hear about their experience. This is a great point to invite new friends you’ve made to visit Resurrection Church or invite them to join your Life Group.

The Meetup Planning Kit

This is your event, but we want to help support you in having a successful meet-up. Got questions? Contact us below.

Two Weeks Before Meetup
Two Days Before Meetup
Day of Meetup
The Week After Meetup